G-Force in Action


Today's market continuously demands products that can do more in less space, for less cost, in less time. With microencapsulation, there's no challenge too big or concept too small.

Perhaps you are looking for ways to increase shelf life, improve product safety, extend performance, lower production costs, or eliminate waste. Or maybe you'd like to revitalize an existing product or develop one that revolutionizes the marketplace.

Bring us an idea, and we can create a unique capsule wall for your product payload that can be released in a multitude of ways.

Our capabilities

Creativity Without Chaos - A Glatfelter Innovation
Featuring GOLDPRISM™ Technology

Creativity Without Chaos

Wahue Color Markers bring you the fun of coloring without the mess. These specially designed markers will only color on specialized paper. They won’t color skin, walls, tables, or any other surface a young artist might be tempted to draw on.

How does it work? Science! GOLDPRISM™ technology is a two-part system: our mess-free Wahue markers and our specialized paper. Our markers contain natural solvents that carry the color formers, combining with Wahue paper to create your works of art. The result? The markers only mark on our specially designed paper, and nowhere else. Creating colors without the mess!


ACE Impact Spray - A Glatfelter Innovation


ACE is a revolutionary spray which, when applied to your sporting object, will indicate the impact position of the ball and reveal the actual position at the moment of impact. ACE allows athletes to see slight flaws in the object's positioning at impact and helps the player make swing corrections. Proper contact is essential for higher accuracy, longer distance, and lower scores. ACE’s unique characteristics allow athletes to see an extremely precise "dimple density pattern", which reveals basic flight paths of the ball and helps athletes hone their swings.