Industry Applications

Take a look at some of the markets where you can already see, taste, smell, and touch the success of G-Force technology:


  • From the cornfield to your cornflakes, the citrus groves to the juice in your child's thermos, or the vineyard to the wine bar, our technology creates safer ways to keep the bugs and weeds out of your crops and healthier ways to keep nutrients in.


  • From the adhesives under your floor tiles and the waterproof stain on your deck to the sparkling finish on that racy sports car and the paint on the walls of the nursery, we can add UV resistance to prevent mildew and increase durability and longevity while creating customer loyalty and stick-to-itiveness.


  • From the sofa to the carpet, and your PJs to your bed linens, our smart fabric technology adds antimicrobial protection, moisture prevention, odor reduction, and even body temperature sensitivity to make fabrics that work harder for you and your customers.


  • From the laundry room in your home to the aromatherapy room at the spa to the captivating scent of your perfume, our scientists have figured out innovative ways to protect highly unstable ingredients, capture delicate fragrances, and increase the potency of your products and your sales.


  • What gives a chip that spicy hint of jalapeño, chewing gum its long-lasting flavor of mint, or the surprisingly delicious bite of jalapeño/mint in a cracker designed to go with brie? G-Force microencapsulation does. Our unique processes let us increase, extend, and combine flavors to create more appeal for the taste buds.


  • From security imaging, carbon-less paper and scratch-and-sniff to personal or baby products and every application in between, we can make ink appear and odors disappear. We can release skin softeners, fragrances, and imagination. And we've only begun to scratch the surface.