Once we realized the unlimited possibilities of G-Force, we put our expertise to work and started to develop other unique applications. We began with paper products, exploring the relationships between various chemicals and the properties of the materials necessary to hold them. We soon moved beyond paper to deliver new and exciting applications in health, beauty, apparel, industrial, home, and agricultural products.

G-Force Production Facility


Our research scientists, chemists, and engineers are some of the most respected leaders in the industry, known for their complex inventions. But it’s not just the quality of the people we hire, nor is it only their talent that sets them apart from the competition. It is also their dedication to working continuously with clients, uncovering new ways to apply the unlimited potential of this phenomenal technology. Our philosophy across all Glatfelter divisions is the value of the partnerships we develop. These close working relationships with clients enable us to surpass your expectations.


Glatfelter has put millions of dollars into the research and development of microencapsulation and continues to support the G-Force division’s commitment to provide cost-effective chemistry products and technologies that enhance your products and improve their value in the marketplace. To do this, we assist with patent clearance, we test technical feasibility, and we help with product costing and pricing.

Glatfelter processes allow for unparalleled efficiency in manufacturing. We have a series of reactors to choose from, so that production meets the exact quantity you need. Our capabilities range from drum to rail-car quantities.